Voice control can replace our daily interactions in an easy and intuitive way.
"Press buttons with your voice". Some examples follow:

QM1 - Voice Controller and Evaluation Board

The QM1 Evaluation Board is a highly flexible, tiny, ultra-low power board which can be integrated into most systems' control panels to enable voice control in hundreds of applications ranging from lighting, appliances, to those in industrial and mobile consumer space.The board includes Quantimetrica's QM1 Voice Trigger software for which we have patents pending with the USPTO.

  • Powerful microcontroller with 10x the processing power of an ARDUINO UNO at 1/3 the size
  • Up to 128K RAM, 512K Flash
  • No Internet Connection Required
  • User upgradeable via microUSB
  • Miniature breadboard-friendly custom PCB (34x37mm)
  • Arduino compatible serial port 6-pin header
  • IP licensing available
  • Ultra low and tunable power implementation
  • Includes microphone and Automatic Gain Control amplifier
  • Headset connector for external microphone/speakers
  • Daughtercards available for
    • LEGO Mindstorms Robots
    • Prototyping
    • More coming soon
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  • Stavros Messinis

    Founder and Technology Entrepreneur
    The Cube Athens

    Quantimetrica's voice triggered solutions are easy to train, concentrate on voice functionality and are very cost effective. They have applications in all walks of life from assistive technologies to voice interfaces to industrial applications etc. They can be embedded in a television, laptop, an alarm system and all sorts of areas from healthcare, medical devices to robotics and logistics solutions. Anywhere where someone needs to instruct an actuator of sorts or to instruct very simple commands like boil water in a kettle. Embedding a Quantimetrica module into some of your existing systems might be a very easy way to integrate voice commands into your interfaces.

  • Benno Groosman

    Technology Investor and Entrepreneur in residence
    Orange Grove

    I have seen the technology of Quantimetrica, I believe in the future of voice controlled devices and what I think is really great is that Quantimetrica's devices do not need an internet connection. So actually we can think of a lot of applications also outside the house and outside the office environment. This will mean a breakthrough for both Quantimetrica but also for the voice controlled devices.